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Frequently Asked Questions

Can USA Rugby ever be competitive?

The United States is a Tier 2 rugby nation, which means that it is not currently competitive at the elite level of the sport, but is one of World Rugby 's key development markets. The national team has competed in the six-nation Americas Rugby Championship every year since 2016. USA Rugby fields other national teams.

Does USA have a rugby team?

The United States national rugby union team, nicknamed the Eagles, is controlled by USA Rugby. USA Rugby is a member of Rugby Americas North, one of six regional governing bodies under World Rugby.

What is the Canadian rugby team called?

The Canada national rugby union team (French: Équipe du Canada de rugby à XV) is governed by Rugby Canada, and play in red and white. Canada is classified by World Rugby as a tier two rugby nation.

What is USA Rugby?

USA Rugby is the member union of the United States within World Rugby. USA Rugby is responsible for overseeing rugby union domestically and training the various national teams that they put on the pitch.

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