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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Canada a better place to live in than the US?

Hands down, Canada is a far better place to live than the United States. Forbes named us the best country in the world to do business; we've dodged the economic crisis that's rattled the U.S., and Europe; our pharmaceuticals are cheaper; we have a better view of the Niagara Falls; and then there's the fresh air.

Why US is better than Canada?

The US is better than the Canada because; Vast arable areas. The US has a lot of good land and longer growing seasons than Canada. Mass immigration. In recent decades Canada has taken on huge amounts of immigrants per capita. That's pretty much it

Why is America better than Canada?

America does have a variety of climates, but Canada isn't only cold. The temperature during the summer can go up to 40 degrees (occasionally). Still, having a better climate makes America better than Canada.

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