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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the last battleship ever constructed?

MS Vanguard was the last battleship ever built, having entered service after the end of the Second World War. Unfortunately, due to a change in British naval doctrine, the battleship was useless from the start and was scrapped in 1960. The history of the HMS Vanguard dates back to 1939.

Is the USS Missouri still battle ready?

Well, that or a tugboat. The USS Missouri was finally retired in 1992 and turned from a warship into a museum—just like the one in the movie. Today, it stays docked in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, where there is no crew at the ready, nor any ammo or fuel on board.

How do you get to the USS Missouri?

The shuttle bus station is located behind the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum. Head for the Navy rockets and the bus stop is to the right. Just so, how do you get to the battleship in Missouri? If you plan to visit the Battleship Missouri, allow at least three to three and a half hours, including drive time from Waikiki.

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