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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Thailand reopen?

June 5 – Thailand is ready to reopen on July 1, with -possible- USD $1 hotel stays. Thailand still plans to reopen its resort Island Phuket on July 1 when 70% of its population is vaccinated. This is intended to be a pilot scheme for the rest of promised reopenings. But that’s not all.

When will Thailand reopen to tourism?

There's 10 more destinations reopening from November 1.... Thailand will reopen by January 2022 under a four-phase plan. . Asia, Covid Travel Latest, International.

When will Thailand Open to tourists?

On June 17th 2021 the Thai Prime Minister surprised everyone by stating Thailand will re-open to visitors within 120 days. Adding that this was a calculated risk needed to revive its troubled economy. The re-opening will include the removal of all current restrictions on domestic business closures and travel. However, it will be dependent on:

Is Thailand Open for travelers?

Thailand is open to tourists from all countries but travelers need to obtain a special tourist visa, bring a PCR test and undergo a mandatory 7-day quarantine. Starting July 1, the country will reopen its resort island, Phuket.

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