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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Tesla Model Y cost?

Right now, Tesla lists the Model Y between $42,700 to $55,700 on the company’s website. A more affordable version priced at $39,000 is set to be available for delivery in 2021.

Is Tesla a luxury car?

Tesla is not a luxury car. Not really. Disregarding price, they make a decent electric car with some interesting features but I'd put them more in the near-luxury class. They really aren't on par with cars in their price point when it comes to luxury.

How much does a Model Y cost?

The final, total cost of a Tesla Model Y — over the course of 6 years, comes out to be $64,814. Cost breakdown and comparison of Model Y vs ICE cars (Part 3) In contrast, if you purchased the BMW X3 Xdrive30i, you would have paid $9,809 more for a total price of $74,622.

What is the range of Tesla Model Y?

The Tesla Model Y Long Range can travel up to 330 miles on a full charge. This driving range dips to 303 miles for the Model Y Performance. The fastest way to charge the Model Y is by plugging in...

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