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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between supply and demand?

“Supply” is defined as “the amount of goods or services that can be provided by a company to its consumers or clients in an open market” while “demand” is said to be “the willingness of the consumers or clients to buy or receive products or services from a firm in the same open market.”

What is an example of supply and demand?

The law of supply states that the higher the price of a good the more producers will want to supply. Some supply and demand examples include markets for physical goods, where producers supply the product and consumers then purchase it.

What is the definition of supply and demand?

The law of supply and demand is the economic relationship between the sellers and the buyers of various commodities. The supply and demand theory states that the price of a product depends on its availability and buyers' demand. If the product has a high price, the sellers will supply more of it to the market.

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