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Frequently Asked Questions

Why won't sidequest detect my Quest 2?

For whatever reason, sometimes when you plug your Quest 2 into a USB port on your PC, the USB connection is not initialized properly. When your headset is not detected in the SideQuest app, go ahead and test different USB ports on your PC.

Why isn't sidequest connecting to my headset?

One of the most common reasons why your quest isn't recognized by SideQuest is you haven't given all the permissions in the headset. After you connect your Quest to your PC and start SideQuest, put on your headset and allow ALL permissions - in addition to file transfer you also wil be asked to allow USB debugging.

How to connect device on side quest?

Quest Initial Setup Guide Required: Follow this guide to prepare your Quest for PC connection ¶ Connect your device to SideQuest. Connect the Quest to your PC via USB. Make sure you have already completed the Quest Initial Setup Guide (linked above). With your Quest now connected to your PC, launch the SideQuest application on the PC. Confirm ...

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