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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEPTA Regional Rail?

SEPTA Regional Rail. The core of the Regional Rail system is the Center City Commuter Connection, an underground tunnel linking three Center City stations: the above-ground upper level of 30th Street Station, the underground Suburban Station, and Jefferson Station (formerly Market East Station).

Where do SEPTA trains stop in Philadelphia?

SEPTA Regional Rail. All trains stop at these Center City stations; most also stop at Temple University station on the campus of Temple University in North Philadelphia. Operations are handled by the SEPTA Railroad Division.

What is SEPA regional rail?

The SEPTA Regional Rail system (reporting marks SEPA, SPAX) is a commuter rail network owned by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and serving the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. The system has 13 branches and more than 150 active stations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, its suburbs and satellite towns and cities.

Where are SEPTA trains stored?

SEPTA has four major yards and facilities for the storage and maintenance of regional rail trains: Frazer Yard, in Frazer, Pennsylvania, along the Paoli/Thorndale Line; services push-pull train sets. Overbrook Maintenance Facility, near Overbrook station on the Paoli/Thorndale Line; Services EMUs.

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