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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instagram Live scheduling and how does it work?

According to Instagram, Instagram Live Scheduling is meant to help with the discovery and distribution of Instagram Lives. Now, when a user schedules a Live, they can share reminders and countdowns directly to their Instagram Stories, feed, and profile. When a user clicks on the badge, they can press "Remind me" to subscribe to the event.

What is scheduling in operating system?

In computing, scheduling is the action of assigning resources to perform tasks. The resources may be processors, network links or expansion cards. The tasks may be threads, processes or data flows . The scheduling activity is carried out by a process called scheduler.

What is a scheduler?

The scheduling activity is carried out by a process called scheduler. Schedulers are often designed so as to keep all computer resources busy (as in load balancing ), allow multiple users to share system resources effectively, or to achieve a target quality-of-service .

How do I set up a live event?

At the top of the dialog box, select New meeting > New live event. Add the meeting title, date and time information, and other details. In the Invite people to your event group box, add the names of the people who will be presenting and producing the event. Select Next. Under Live event permissions, choose who can attend your live event.

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