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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the formula for finding a sample size?

With a 5 percent margin of error (ME) and a z-score (z) of 1.96, our formula for sample size translates from: sample size = (z^2 * (p_(1-p)))/ME^2 to sample size = (1.96^2 * (0.5(1-0.5)))/0.05^2.

How do you determine appropriate sample size?

The sample size directly determines the margin of error or the width of the confidence interval, two statistical measurements that can be used to judge how accurately your research tracks to the larger population. Calculate your ideal sample size. Do this by using a formula or an estimate.

What is the importance of calculating sample size?

The main aim of a sample size calculation is to determine the number of participants needed to detect a clinically relevant treatment effect. Pre-study calculation of the required sample size is warranted in the majority of quantitative studies.

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