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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the safety Unlimited catalog?

The Safety Unlimited catalog of courses has grown to include training on many topics, and we're builing homes to conveniently organize our training into topic-specific areas. Of course our entire scope of online and classroom training is always accessible from this top menu.

Why choose safety Unlimited Inc?

No matter what stage your safety program is in, Safety Unlimited Inc. is your safety partner. We can ensure your program meets and exceeds OSHA regulations while providing you with immediate support should OSHA ever audit you.

What is the safety and Health Council of North Carolina?

The Safety and Health Council of North Carolina was founded in 1960 as the Citizen’s Safety Association of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Inc. Citizen’s Safety Association began as a local organization focusing on traffic and community safety in the greater Charlotte area.

How do I register for workplace safety training in North Carolina?

Click here for a list of class dates! To register for these dates call (704) 644-4201 in Charlotte or (919) 719-9800 in Raleigh. Workplace safety training is a must for every company.

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