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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a prodigy membership worth it?

Prodigy is supposed to be a fun math game not one where children are constantly being pressured to buy expensive memberships. One of the worst member privileges though is pest evolutions. I loved having my pets evolve. I remember watching eagerly while they evolved hoping that their next evolution would be awesome.

Is prodigy good for learning?

Prodigy has proven to provide a fun and inclusive culture, where learning is encouraged, and your input is welcomed. It offers a great comp. package, flex hours, and a great working environment. Management has been very open to suggestions, reasonable with my inquiries/requests, and are people who nurture development.

Is prodigy good?

The Envy Prodigy 2014 is a very good scooter for the price. When you get it and are about to put on your bars, tighten the hic bolt until the shim stops spinning. The grips on this scooter are one of the best I have seen come stock on a scooter.

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