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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of a porous boundary?

Alternatively, someone who tends to get too involved with others has porous boundaries. Common traits of rigid, porous, and healthy boundaries. Rigid Boundaries Porous Boundaries Healthy Boundaries Avoids intimacy and close relationships. Unlikely to ask for help. Has few close relationships.

What are the different types of boundaries?

People actually have a mix of different boundary types. For example, someone could have healthy boundaries at work, porous boundaries in romantic relationships, and a mix of all four types with their family. The appropriateness of boundaries depends heavily on setting.

Are healthy boundaries rigid and porous?

In reality, healthy boundaries can be a little rigid and porous depending on the context. You need to keep in mind that the appropriateness of boundaries depends heavily on the setting. What is appropriate when you are out with friends may not be appropriate when you’re at work. Cultures have different expectations of boundaries.

What is the history of porous boundaries?

Newer research indicates that the founder of structural family therapy, Salvador Minuchin, introduced the concept of porous boundaries in the 1970s. Individuals with lax boundaries often have difficulty saying “no” to others and may have trouble speaking up for their wants and desires to avoid disappointing other people.

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