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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a new pontoon boat?

On average, you can expect to purchase a pontoon boat for as little as $10,000 to $15,000. This is a good starting point for someone who is buying an older boat without any bells and whistles. You could likely find a cheaper boat though. However, you might need to perform many repairs before you can take the boat out onto the water.

What is the best small fishing boat?

What Are The Best Small Pontoon Boats?SUN TRACKER. The Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 18 DLX is available in a few different colors and sizes. ...Pond King. The Pond King Rebel Mini Pontoon comes in the tan color. ...Bennington. The Bennington S16 Narrow Beam pontoon boat comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. ...Tahoe Pontoon. ...

How much does a jon boat cost?

The purchasing price of a Jon boat will depend on its make, size, construction material and the number of modifications made to the boat. A cheap 12 ft polythene Jon boat can be bought for as little as $550 while an 12 ft aluminum Jon boat can cost as much as $3000. High-end 21 ft Jon boats can cost as much as $30,000.

How to price my boat for sale?

Boat Prices and Boat ValuesNADA guides are the first step in assigning a boat value prior to selling or insuring it.A thorough survey of similar boats for sale on the open market can give more of a real-time feel for boat prices.You need to account for your individual boat’s unique perks and flaws.

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