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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lawsuit filed against the city of Minneapolis?

A group of eight Minneapolis residents filed the lawsuit against the city for allegedly scaling back the police presence in their neighborhood in the months after the police killing of Floyd and the unrest that followed. The lawsuit cites the city’s surge in crime since the May 2020 killing, and city officials failed to keep residents safe:

What's going on with the Minneapolis Police Department?

Late last year, Samuels and his wife, along with their neighbors, finally took action by filing a lawsuit against the city for failing to provide the minimum number of police officers per citizen in Minneapolis. On July 1, a judge ruled in their favor, ordering the Minneapolis Police Department to hire more officers.

Why did Minneapolis City Council dismantle its own police force?

As anti-cop sentiment grew, the Minneapolis City Council voted to dismantle the city’s police force, slashing $8 million from its budget and diverting it to other services. Samuels said he and his wife Sondra were stunned by the council’s move.

Why did Minneapolis City Council increase its police budget?

After cutting the police budget amid a rush of officers resigning or taking early retirement, the city recently reversed course reacting to resident demands for more police and a rising crime rate. In February, The Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved a $6.4 million increase to the police budget they had previously cut.

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