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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MindTrek and why should you attend?

It’s all about networking and exchanging ideas with people who come from different backgrounds and who have different areas of expertise. Mindtrek consists of several different sessions. Themes of the conference vary each year and can cover topics such as open source, open data, smart city, immersive tech, eHealth, IoT, AI and more.

What is mindmindtrek?

Mindtrek is a Canadian company specializing in providing high-quality shrooms online to Canadians looking for new and exciting ways to explore their consciousness. Whether you are just getting into the world of psychedelics or an experienced user who wants fresh products at competitive prices, we have what you need!

What is MindTrek 2021?

The main idea of Mindtrek is to bring about a collision between all fields of technology and enable people and businesses to learn, meet and connect. In 2021 the Mindtrek Conference will be split into different themed online events. Thank you to all participants and see you again in 2022!

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