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Who are the 7 famous people in Mexico's history?

7 Famous People in Mexico’s History Hernán Cortés, 1485-1547 Juan de Zumarraga, 1468-1548 Miguel Hidalgo, 1753-1811 Benito Juárez, 1806-1872 Porfirio Diaz, 1830-1915 Pancho Villa, 1878-1923 Frida Kahlo, 1907-1954 Own a piece of Mexico’s artistic culture today

Who are the most famous Hispanic people in the world?

1 These famous Hispanic people deserve all the credit. The beauty and strength of America lie in its diversity. ... 2 Jennifer Lopez. ... 3 Jovita Idár. ... 4 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. ... 5 Richie Valens. ... 6 Gwen Ifill. ... 7 Emma González. ... 8 Guy Gabaldon. ... 9 Linda Ronstadt. ... 10 Ellen Ochoa. ... More items...

Who were the leaders of the Mexican Revolution?

Through the 10 years of the revolution, Villa fought a number of different people vying to rule Mexico, including: 1 Porfirio Diaz, who was ruler at the time 2 Victoriano Huerta 3 Venustiano Carranza 4 Alvaro Obregón 5 American leaders

Who are the 10 most famous people in history?

In Mazatlán, eight minors from Torreón, Durango and Guadalajara are saved from drowning Based on this, the 10 most famous people in all of history are: 1. Aristotle 2. Plato 3. Jesus Christ 4. Socrates 5. Alexander the Great 6. Leonardo Da Vinci 7. Confucius 8. Julius Caesar 9. Homer 10. Pythagoras As we see, the classics dominate.

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