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Frequently Asked Questions

What does mate do?

In North America, Mate offers a comprehensive, superior line of press brake tooling, and Mate Laser Technologies serves the CO2 and fiber laser market with premium quality optics, nozzles and accessories.

What is maté tea?

Maté is cultivated from the leaves and young twigs of the maté tree. It is dried, shredded and aged for a year in cedar containers before becoming yerba maté. Maté is considered to be a mild alternative to coffee, with more caffeine than most teas but without the unwanted jitters and other side effects of coffee.

What is the verb for mate?

verb (used without object), mat·ed, mat·ing. to associate as a mate or as mates. (of animals) to copulate. (of animals) to pair for the purpose of breeding. to marry. (of a gear, rack, or worm) to engage with another gear or worm; mesh. Archaic. to consort; keep company.

What is yerba mate?

A tealike beverage, in South America, made from the dried leaves of this plant. Also called Paraguay tea, yerba mate. An oval or rounded container or cup, traditionally made from a hollow calabash, in which this tea is prepared and served. [American Spanish, from Quechua mati, calabash container .] American Heritage® Dictionary...

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