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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my Lifetouch website?

To access your Lifetouch website please enter your email address or username and password below. * Required field.

What is the Lifetouch portal for picture day?

Prior to Picture Day, the Lifetouch Portal is how your school provides Lifetouch essential data for Picture Day. Schools can also download extra, digital Picture Day reminders and send automated email reminders to parents.

How do I contact Lifetouch yearbook support?

Contact your school yearbook adviser if you’re a yearbook staff member. For further assistance, call Lifetouch Yearbook Customer Service at 1-800-736-4761. If you haven’t created an account, contact your Lifetouch representative. For further assistance, contact Lifetouch Technical Support at 1-800-598-2466.

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