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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Irish Setter a good family dog?

The Irish Setter is a wonderful family dog because it is gentle, friendly, and intelligent. It has a strong tendency to form strong bonds with its family. Irish Setters are retrievers by nature, and they enjoy chasing a stick or ball as long as the human is willing to keep throwing it.

Is the Irish Setter a good watchdog?

They can make good watchdogs. The Irish Setter is generally affectionate with and loves his family. That combined with his alert nature can make him a good watchdog. They can get along with other pets.

Are Irish Setters good show dogs?

The Irish Setter show dogs are built bigger and possess more bone than their working counterparts. They also bear a weightier coat. Both still reflect the established breed standard. The Irish Setter is a natural born athlete, excelling at such dog performance sports as obedience, Rally, tracking, and agility. They are also well-suited to work as therapy dogs.

What is the average lifespan of an Irish Setter?

Irish Setters live for 12 years on average. This puts them right in the middle of the range across all domestic dogs breeds. Factors which improve Irish Setter lifespan include health testing parent dogs, preventative healthcare, diet and medicine. ‘How long do Irish Setters live?’ is the burning question for owners of these flame-colored beauties.

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