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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact bcfsa Iris?

Or call: (604) 660-3555 or (866) 206-3030 toll-free. IRIS portal login, sign up, and technical support for Mortgage Brokers, Insurance, Credit Unions and Trust Companies, please contact [email protected] Financial Institutions —  Regulatory Filings: [email protected]

How do I login to Iris?

Login to 'Iris' by entering your Registration No. which is your CNIC No. and Password which has been sent on your Cell No. and email address. OK You are not a registered taxpayer. Click Ok to register.

How do I go paperless with Wisconsin Iris?

Go paperless with our easy-to-use online reporting resource for the Wisconsin IRIS program. Paper-free time reporting: Review and approve your employee's timesheet online.

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