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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LXDE in Ubuntu?

It is used as a default environment for the desktop of Lubuntu. For Linux users, LXDE is a famous open-source environment that consumes limited resources to execute any operation. Considering its importance, this guide will explain the installation method of LXDE on Ubuntu 22.04. How to Install LXDE on Ubuntu 22.04?

How do I connect to the LXDE desktop environment?

Select Xorg from the list and enter your username and password, press OK and you should be seeing the LXDE desktop environment. Successfully connected!

Is Lubuntu still using LXDE?

However LXDE is still maintained by some developers. LXDE used to be the default desktop environment for Lubuntu, which is a flavor of Ubuntu, however the default desktop environment is LXQt as of writing this tutorial. LXDE is based on the GTK+ toolkit and uses the Openbox window manager.

How do I install LXDE on my VPS?

LXDE is a lightweight desktop environment alternative to GNOME and has only basic features and applications. You have shell access to your VPS. First update the packages and repositories on your Webdock server. Install the LXDE on your Webdock server.

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