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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is buyers products?

Founded in 1946, Buyers Products is a fully integrated manufacturer and a leader in the truck equipment industry. Our engineering, manufacturing and assembly operations take place in the USA.

What is the best tool box for a truck?

White Steel Underbody Truck Tool Box with Built-In Shelf - T-handle Latch Built-in shelf provides additional options for sorting and storing your tools and other equipment. Black Steel Underbody Truck Tool Box with T-Latch Series Helps keep your tools safe from theft, weather, and grime.

What is the purpose of a tool box?

Built for contractor work trucks to help keep tools safe, secure, and easy to access. Helps keep tools safe from theft and weather while providing additional storage. Protects and secures your tools and equipment with a unique look and die-cast t-handle compression latch.

What kind of contract does buybuyers have?

Buyers is awarded a national cooperative contract through Sourcewell (formerly National Joint Powers Alliance® [NJPA]). New plows, tool boxes, and more. Click below for full details.

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