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What are some traditional foods in Argentina?

The meat is thus not only tastier, but also leaner and healthier. Apart from meat, Argentina has also an abundance of wheat, corn, milk, beans, soybeans, and various vegetables like squashes and zucchini. Here are some of the typical foods of Argentina.

What are desserts in Argentina?

12 Argentine Desserts: Alfajores, Medialunas & More Alfajores. Alfajores are an Argentine snack cake consisting of two soft cakes, held together by roughly a centimeter of dulce de leche, jam or mousse and covered in meringue powder ... Chocotorta. ... Pasta Frola. ... Crumble de Manzana. ... Lemon Pie. ... Torta Mil Hojas. ... Sopa Inglesa. ... Tarta de Coco. ... Tiramisu. ... Pastel de ricota. ...

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