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Frequently Asked Questions

How many gangs are there in Chicago?

Chicago’s gang map showing the 1140 different sets within the city. S/O Nearbybookkeeper on r/Chiraqology for this map Just shows you how pathetic the whole gang system is.

What is the purpose of the Chicago gang violence map?

The purpose of this map is purely journalistic and is in no way intended to be a glorification of gang violence. The amount of active gang members in the city of Chicago alone is the highest in the world and estimated to be over 150,000. Only active sets are displayed on this map. Active sets are sets currently claimed and occupied by a gang.

Why were there Mexican gangs in Chicago?

Like other Chicago gangs, Mexican gangs were started due to the fight against other racist gangs as Mexicans were moving into predominantly white neighborhoods. In Pilsen, there were gangs like the Ambrose, the Bishops, the Satan Disciples, and the La Raza.

How many people were killed in Chicago in 2022?

It’s compiled from Chicago Sun-Times reporting and information from law enforcement agencies and the Cook County medical examiner’s office and updated every day. You can help fund this journalism by subscribing to the Chicago Sun-Times today. 660 victims were killed in Chicago in 2022.

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