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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to pay 1040 es payments?

is easy, fast and secure. Payment options include direct debit (eCheck) from your checking or savings account, or payment by credit or debit card. If you choose to make your payment electronically, you do not need to mail the MI-1040ES form to Treasury. Visit . . formore information. Mail Your Payment . If you choose to mail your payment, make your check

Who can file a 1040EZ?

Taxpayers can use the 1040EZ if they are filing as single or married filing jointly without dependents and they meet certain income requirements. A form 1040EZ is suitable for a single person or married couple without children who can meet income requirements.

When are 1040 es payments due?

You don't have to make the payment due on January 15 if you file Form 1040 by February 1 (or by the next business day if February 1 falls on a weekend or holiday), and you pay any remaining taxes due at that time. This is nearly impossible for most self-employed taxpayers, because 1099 forms often arrive late.

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