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Frequently Asked Questions

What does me llamo mean in Spanish?

Me llamo - Hello! My name is See the entry for ¡Hola! Me llamo. Hola, me llamo Soledad. ¿Y tú, cómo te llamas?Hello, my name is Soledad. And you, what's your name? ¡Hola! - Hola, me llamo Eduardo. Hi! - Hi, my name is Eduardo. Want to Learn Spanish? Spanish learning for everyone. For free. Have you tried it yet? Here's what's included:

What does Te Amo Mucho mean?

te amo mucho. Add to list. I love you very much. Dictionary. Examples. Pronunciation. te amo mucho (. teh. ah.

How do you say I Love you Much in Spanish?

Sure, the sentence in Spanish shows "mucho" and not "muy mucho", but say "I love you much" in English and it'll sound somewhat like a 3 year-old toddler just learning English to native English speakers. Meanwhile, saying "I love you very much" or even "I love you a lot" sounds a lot better from a structural standpoint.

How do you say Mucho gusto in Spanish?

Mucho gusto. El gusto es mío. Encantado. Bien, gracias. ¿Y tú? Complete the mini-dialogues with the appropriate words. —¿De ________ son ellos? —Ellos son de ________ . Complete the mini-dialogues with the appropriate words.

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