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Frequently Asked Questions

What games were gold in May 2019?

Games with Gold for May 2019 included Marooners (Xbox One- May 1-31), The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour (Xbox One- May 16-June 15), Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (Xbox 360, Xbox One via backward compatibility- May 1-15) and Comic Jumper (Xbox 360, Xbox One via backward compatibility- May 16-31)

What is the games with gold program?

(Error Code: 242632) First announced during E3 2013, the Games with Gold program offers free Xbox 360 games to users who have an Xbox Live Gold subscription. The program was extended to the Xbox One a year later. Starting October 2022, the program no longer offers games for the Xbox 360.

Does Xbox One have games with gold?

Beginning in July 2015, Microsoft announced the expansion of the Games With Gold program to officially offer two games each month for the Xbox One, just like with the Xbox 360.

How much money does Xbox Live Gold give out?

Here is our analysis of Games With Gold, which in 2015 gave out 42 discrete titles for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. All told, a $60 Xbox Live Gold subscription in 2015 returned $946.53 in games to a subscriber who had both consoles.

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