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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find my startup folder?

METHOD 1 – find the STARTUP folder via the macro editorIn Word, press Alt+F11 to open the macro editor, VBE.In the VBE window, press Ctrl+G to go to the Immediate window.In the Immediate window, type: ?Application.StartupPathPress Enter.

How to open StartUp folder?

Use the File Explorer to Open the Startup Folder for a Particular UserRight-click Windows and select File Explorer. ...Now open This PC and double-click on your system drive (usually, the C drive). ...Then select the Users folder and open the folder with your username. ...Now open the AppData folder (you may have to show the hidden files of the system) and double-click on Roaming. ...More items...

How to find the Startup folder in Windows 10?

Open User-specific Startup folder:Press “ Windows Key + R ” to open the Run window.In the blank field, type “ shell:startup “.Click on the “ Ok ” button.

How to get StartUp folder in start, all programs?

Windows 10 or 8Open the Windows Run dialog (Windows Key + R).Copy the following path to the Run dialog, and then press Enter . ...Open the Start Screen, right-click the Office program you want to automatically start, and click Open file location. ...Copy (Ctrl + C) the program shortcut and then paste (CTRL +V) it to the Startup folder you opened in Step 2. ...

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