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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wilkes University like?

Wilkes University is an inclusive learning environment committed to increasing access to higher education. We create opportunities for the dialogues that increase diversity awareness. We embrace and celebrate diverse backgrounds and perspectives which strengthen and enrich our campus and our community.

What is a Wilke's jewelry?

WILKE’S … for the important moments in your life. Plucked from history, Wilke’s Fine Estate Jewelry presents the past in its greatest glory. Reviving and bringing together the combination of masterful designs, one of a kind gems, precious metals, and the most outstanding craftmanship from times gone by.

What was Jessica turnitza's most impactful lesson at Wilkes University?

For senior Jessica Turnitza, her most impactful lesson at Wilkes University came from a change in plans. After graduating from Pottsville Area High School, Turnitza chose Wilkes to pursue three of her passions: nursing, swimming and Air Force ROTC. She was heartbroken when a medical disqualification ended her military aspirations.

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