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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the iPhone 4 still a good phone?

Yes it is still a good phone, if it is cheaper that is better, all the iPhone 4s has is a faster internet and siri, which isn't that great. And all the iPhone 5 has is 4g LTE and a bigger screen. Plus any new phone is better than an older one.

What are the features of an iPhone 4?

The iPhone 4 features a front-facing camera, and the back sports a microphone, 30pin connector for docking, and a speaker, while the top sports a second microphone for noise cancellation, sleep/wake button, and a headset input.

Do people still use iPhone 4?

No alot of people still use iPhone 4's they're still great. The 4 is very much not outdated or old. It makes up 20% of the iPhones sold by Apple in the last year. It will get iOS 7 later this year, so that means it is not outdated as well as the fact it will be able to run apps (assumption) until 2016.

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