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Who won the presidential election of 1944?

Last Updated: Oct 31, 2018 See Article History. United States presidential election of 1944, American presidential election held on Nov. 7, 1944, in which Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated Republican Thomas E. Dewey and thus secured his fourth term as president. Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt campaigning for reelection, 1944.

How did Franklin D Roosevelt win the election?

The election was closer than Roosevelt's other presidential campaigns, but Roosevelt still won by a comfortable margin in the popular vote and by a wide margin in the Electoral College.

How did Franklin Dewey win the presidential election?

On election day, the Democratic incumbent scored a fairly comfortable victory over his Republican challenger. Roosevelt took 36 states for 432 electoral votes (266 were needed to win), while Dewey won twelve states and 99 electoral votes. In the popular vote, Roosevelt won 25,612,916 (53.4%) votes to Dewey's 22,017,929 (45.9%).

Who was the front-runner for the Republican nomination?

Governor Dewey of New York emerged as the front-runner for the Republican nomination after his victory in the Wisconsin primary, and he defeated conservative Governor John W. Bricker at the 1944 Republican National Convention . As World War II was going well for the United States and its Allies, Roosevelt remained popular despite his long tenure.

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