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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in TrackMania?

It comes with a FREE Trackmania multiplayer channel, an exclusive solo campaign, a new game mode and a world of possibilities in UGC. Trackmania offers you the ultimate arcade racing universe where everything is about reaching the perfect racing time.

Is there a remake of TrackMania Nations?

Trackmania, the racing franchise from Ubisoft Nadeo, is back with the most compelling remake of Trackmania Nations. JOIN THE CLUB ACCESS Upgrade your access for a club access year pass to experience a full social experience by creating your own club and activities.

What are the downsides of TrackMania?

The downside is the new monetisation system, a subscription service that looks like it could segregate the community. The game is very extensive and if the audience picks it up, it could be great for the same reason the other Trackmania games were: user-created content using an outstanding track creator and editor.”

Is TrackMania putting all the best content behind a pay wall?

“Putting all the best content behind a pay wall seems a very unwise decision but the breezy insanity of Trackmania still shines through and the potential of the track designer is immense.” Text: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Brazilian, Czech, Chinese (Simplified), Turkish, Korean

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