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Frequently Asked Questions

What do utility contractors do?

Utility contractors, sometimes called underground utility contractors, are the people who keep everything running smoothly. They diagnose problems, repair broken lines, and install new ones. They’re plumbers, electricians, gas pipeline specialists, and contractors. When something goes wrong underground, they’re who you need to call.

What is true about construction?

Typically, to say that something is “true” is to describe its veracity. However, in the context of carpentry and construction, “true” refers to the state of any flat surface or angle. To be specific, a “true” surface is as “plumb” or as “level” as the job requires (which, in most cases, is a perfect level of both or either).

What is utility structures?

Utility buildings are outdoor structures. Utility buildings, by definition, are buildings which can be used for many purposes. Probably the most common utility building is the portable storage building, and the most common use for such structures is as home storage sheds, but there are many other possibilities.

What do underground utility contractors do?

Underground Utility and Excavating Contractor (UUC) means the service that provides for the construction, repair, improvement, or removal of main sanitary sewer collection systems, main water distribution systems, storm sewer collection systems, and the continuation of utility lines from the main systems to a point of termination up to and including the meter location for the individual occupancy, sewer collection systems at property line, or residential or single-occupancy commercial ...

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