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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the new TrackMania game available?

The new Trackmania game is now available. It was originally meant to be released on May 5, 2020, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a reboot of the 2006 fan favorite Trackmania Nations. Trackmania is one of the most unique racing franchises on the market.

When does the TrackMania World Tour start?

The Trackmania World Tour will begin with the Showdown weekend, on December 17 and 18. The event will be broadcast on Twitch for fans to enjoy the first clash of the season between the 8 Trackmania Grand League teams. Trackmania Grand League 2023 Stage 1 will start on Saturday January 21 for the the Grand League Super Weekend!

What is the most active TrackMania right now?

Trackmania 2020: The new TM game, a bit more expensive as it is yearly subscription based, but it is the most active game at the moment. Customs servers are more empty than on TMNF (TMUF), but more people on Matchmaking, TOTD/COTD and Royal. Note that Royal and MM are free, and game can't be purchased on Steam.

How does TrackMania work?

Unlike other racing games in which the player chooses from preset cars and tracks, the Trackmania series includes a track editor which allows players to create their own racetracks using a building-block approach. Medals can be earned by completing a race within certain time limits.

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