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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Conservice billing work?

Communities that utilize Conservice for their utility billing are able to choose from 2 different options for their residents to pay their utility bills: paying the community or property management (usually along with or added to rent charges) or by paying Conservice directly.

What is Conservice?

Conservice enables faster turn time and automated prorated utility billing. IMPORTANT: As of 8/1/2020, Great Jones will begin taking over the utility management activities from Conservice unless your home is already on an active lease term.

Does Conservice calculate utility charges?

In these cases, Conservice will still calculate the utility charges. Often when utility payments are paid to your leasing office, Conservice will pull rent and other lease related charges from the property's system to print on your bill. This is done for your convenience so that you can know the total amount for rent and utilities that are due.

What can I do about my utility bills?

Stop wasting time on your utilities. Have all of your activations, expense management, resident billing, regulatory compliance, and more handled for you. Eliminate the stresses created by turn, utility expense management, student bill-back, invoice auditing, utility-related phone calls, and more!

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