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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different roles in WebEx meetings?

Polling Coordinator - Someone that conducts a poll in the Webex session by creating a poll questionnaire or for Attendees to answer.This role is assigned to Hosts by default in Webex Meetings/Events/Trainings, but can be assigned to Panelists during the sessionMust have Presenter role in order to assign new Polling Coordinator

What is WebEx and when should I use it?

Why use Webex?JMU subscribes to it.It meets the security audit requirements performed by JMU IT.It offers end-to-end encryption.It integrates with classes inside Canvas.It meets FERPA and HIPAA standards.

How to join a WebEx Meeting without installing any software?

You can join a Webex meeting using the desktop app, a web browser, or the mobile app.If the host is using a paid Webex plan, you will also have the option to dial in from your phone for a voice-only meeting call.If you want to use an app to join the meeting, Webex will prompt you to install it at the appropriate time.More items...

What is a WebEx Meeting used for?

With web and mobile app, registration, ticketing, check-in, and badge-printing, to advanced studio production, sponsorship capabilities, engagement features, lead retrieval, and analytics, Webex Events now lays claim to be a true end-to-end, hybrid-ready event management platform that can push further into the in-person conference arena.

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