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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of boundaries in a relationship?

Effective boundaries keep your relationship strong and healthy. Boundaries refer to limits that you put in place to protect your well-being. When boundaries are clearly communicated, along with the consequences for breaking them, your partner understands your expectations.

What is example of setting boundaries?

Setting boundaries around what you are able to do can reduce or eliminate resentment. More balance : Sometimes the boundaries we need to set are with ourselves. For example, while it can feel like a nice escape to binge-watch a favorite show, staying up too late on work nights can lead to exhaustion.

What are boundaries and why do I need them?

With every relationship, personal or professional, comes the need for boundaries. Boundaries are the invisible lines that keep us physically and emotionally safe while effectively functioning. They govern what we are willing to do and not do; say and hear; and give and receive. Boundaries come in many forms.

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