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Frequently Asked Questions

How to save on your wedding stationery?

How to Save on Your Wedding Stationery Pick the Right Stationer. Your choice of stationer can really impact how much you end up spending on your wedding paper. ... Keep It Simple. The more personalized and formal you make your wedding paper, the more you should expect to spend. ... Plain Envelopes for the Win. ... Utilize Your Wedding Website. ... Lighten Up. ... Don't Leave a Paper Trail. ... Do It Yourself. ...

What is wedding stationery?

Wedding stationery is one of the central aspects of a wedding day. Most importantly it sets in motion a chain of events that lead to one of the biggest days of your life.

What is an invitation card?

As a general rule, an invitation card should include information about who the event is for, the type of event, the date and time of the event and the location.

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