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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check the status of my Walmart order?

To track your order on, select Account .Select Purchase history.If you're logged in to your account, scroll to the order you want to track and select Track Shipment . ...

How to track a Walmart money order?

Go to Walmart.comSelect the avatar icon in the upper-right cornerSelect Track OrdersIf you're not logged in or are tracking a guest order, enter the email address you used to submit your order and your order number.If you are already ...

Can't Find my Walmart order?

When tracking your Walmart order, the tracking status may show "Not Found", then possible reasons will be: 1: The carrier hasn't accepted your package yet. 2: The carrier hasn't scanned and entered your package tracking information into their system yet. 3: Your tracking number is incorrect or invalid. 4: Your tracking number has expired and removed from carrier's system.

How long do Walmart orders take to process?

Walmart can take between 2 to 4 hours to process an order once it has been sent to a store or a fulfillment center. Once processed, the order will move to the “shipping” stage. If the item is not immediately available at the Walmart store or stocking location, a delay of up to a couple of days may occur.

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