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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Nada guide prices apply to boats?

Overseeing sales of a wide range of boats in the 11 Brewer brokerages, Pugsley says, “We often have clients come to us with NADA Guide prices. We've found that those prices are most applicable in the small-boat and trailerable world. The more boat size and system complexity increase, the more variables have to be factored into a boat’s value.

How do I find out the value of my Boat?

The value of your boat is based on several factors. For more information about how to use the NADA Guide, read Boat Prices with NADA Guides to get the ideal selling price for your boat. Combined with the use of the boats for sale search you can get good pricing information to help sell your boat more quickly.

Do you want to get the best price for your boat?

But whether you are trading in for a new model or giving up the seafaring lifestyle, you want to get the best price for your boat. This means knowing what your boat is worth so that you can negotiate the best deal. Many factors go into determining the price of your boat.

What is Nada guides?

NADA Guides is a comprehensive vehicle-listing website that publishes blue-book type specifications, research material, and pricing information on boats and personal watercraft as well as other types of vehicles. NADA Guides also provides data to banks, finance companies, insurance companies, and government agencies.

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