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Frequently Asked Questions

Which TV providers offer 4K HD?

DIRECTV became the first provider to offer 4K HD, and everyone else has been racing to catch up ever since. The satellite company is also the first provider to have a dedicated all 4K HD channel—although you’ll need the latest Genie (HR-54) to fully appreciate it.

What do I need to watch 4K content?

To watch 4K content, you’ll need four things: a 4K TV, a 4K streaming box or TV service, a 4K compatible HDMI cable, and-if streaming-plenty of internet speed. We’ll cover each of these a bit more below. 1. 4K TV This might be a little obvious, but if you want to watch TV in 4K, you’re going to need a TV that can display a 4K picture.

What is 4K Ultra HD?

While standard HD has 1920 x 1080 pixels, 4K Ultra HD has a minimum of 3840 × 2160 pixels. It’s hard to appreciate just how big a 4K picture is when looking at numbers, so let’s spell it out: resolution is the concentration of pixels on a screen, and 4K technology has eight million pixels—that’s four times as many as regular HD.

What is 4K and how does it work?

4K is one of the main types of new ultra high definition broadcasting formats being developed by the BBC and others. It will have about eight times the resolution of SD (standard definition) and four times that of our current HD (high definition) formats. The pixels will be so small as to be effectively invisible to the human eye.

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