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Frequently Asked Questions

Which US companies are still doing business in Russia?

Drugmakers and medical device manufacturers are a notable category of U.S. companies that are still doing business in Russia.

Are Western companies unwinding their investments in Russia?

Under pressure from investors and consumers, many Western companies are unwinding their investments, closing stores and pausing sales in Russia. A closed Uniqlo shop at a shopping mall in Moscow in April. Fast Retailing, the Japanese company that operates Uniqlo, is among the many companies that have suspended operations in Russia.

Is fast Retailing shutting down in Russia?

Fast Retailing, the Japanese clothing company that operates Uniqlo, said it would suspend its operations in Russia. The company came under criticism after its chief executive, Tadashi Yanai, told an interviewer that its stores would continue selling clothes in Russia. H&M is shutting down its business in Russia.

Is McKinsey & Company leaving Russia?

McKinsey & Company said it would not take on any new work in Russia, would stop work for state-owned entities and “will no longer serve any government entity in Russia.” The Big Four accounting firms — Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC — are pulling out of the country.

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