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Frequently Asked Questions

What is university prep schools?

University Prep Schools provides a culturally responsive educational experience for our scholars that builds academic competence, habits of work, scholarship, and self-actualization, empowering them to successfully accomplish their post-secondary plans, as well as socially and civically engaged as change agents for themselves and their community.

What are the university prep schools in Detroit?

Detroit 90/90 operates the University Prep Schools which include University Prep Academy, University Prep Science & Math and University Prep Art & Design, K-12 school districts. University Prep Science & Math. UPSM Elementary School. UPSM Middle School.

How can you show your school spirit at U Prep?

Visit the E-Store Show Your School Spirit! Visit the U Prep Merchandise E-Store Register to Attend an Open House today! Learn more about U Preps Defining Differences. Attend an Open House Welcome! University Prep Schools (U Prep Schools) serves children in grades K-12 through experiential and individualized learning programs.

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