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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t i log into epic as a UNC Hospital application?

Being a UNC Hospital application, we here at the Department of Medicine Information Services don’t have direct access to EPIC and therefore any issues regarding logging into EPIC or the content within should be directed to the hospital IT group – ISD.

What is [email protected] and how do I access it?

[email protected] is UNC Health's electronic health record, available at most of our hospitals. We invite patients to participate in their care through the My UNC Chart. Providers, please visit our [email protected] for Providers area for more information about tools for you.

How do I login to playground using my UNC Health ID/password?

Login to MyApps using your UNC Health ID (the same User ID & password you use to login to [email protected]). Select the [email protected] folder. Select the Playground icon. You cannot login to Playground using your UNC Health ID/password. Instead, find the appropriate user ID and Password at

How do I contact [email protected] playground?

Contact the ISD Service Desk at 984-974-4357 if you have any issues logging-in to the [email protected] Playground. Ways to Give For Medical Professionals Careers

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