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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is trumptrump winery located?

Trump Winery Location Charlottesville, Virginia, US Appellation Monticello AVA Formerly Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard Founded October 2011 9 more rows ...

Why is Trump's Winery so successful?

In standard Trump fashion, the Trump family moved in on an already established business, bought it out, slapped their name on it, then took all the credit for any later success. In this case, said success comes in the fact that many cases the re-christened Trump Winery sells are packed with surprisingly decent bottles of wine.

Is Trump's Virginia Winery the biggest on the east coast?

Trump has often exaggerated the size of his family’s winemaking operation, claiming incorrectly that it was the largest winery on the East Coast and one of the biggest in the whole country ( neither claim is even close to true). But the vineyard is the largest by acreage in Virginia, and its product can be found in stores around the state.

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