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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add skins to my car in TrackMania?

Here’s a collection of absolutely brilliant skins for your car in Trackmania. Note that to add any skin, you need to have Club Access ($29.99/year, $59.99/3 years). Some skins you have to purchase and download, others you can find in the Club menu in Trackmania. Go to: Create > Garage > Upload Skin. Select your downloaded skin. Go to Clubs.

What is a TrackMania F1 skin?

A skin for the Trackmania Formula League, a competition that simulates F1. This skin will have your opponents saying “That’s not right, that’s so not right!” when you snipe them at the finish. What’s awesome about the Red Bull Racing skin?

Are there any TM2 skins for maniaexchange?

DMW»UD has made some awesome TM2 skins for ManiaExchange. If you've ever wanted to represent your favorite mapping site while playing TM2 Canyon, Valley, Stadium, or Lagoon, grab this pack of skins. Locators are included. After a game restart you'll be able to use the skins in any TM2 title. awesome skins. thx for this great idea.

What is MTC (monthly track contest)?

Prepare your canvases, this month the MTC (Monthly Track Contest) brings you a special palette of custom items to use in your tracks! The MTC is a monthly map building competition hosted by TrackmaniaExchange. Anyone can enter, just follow the theme and build a track.

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