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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a TrackMania 2 Canyon?

Nadeo Studio created an uproar with their online-based racing game Trackmania and was noticed by Ubisoft who came up with the idea to make a sequel for PC. This is how an automobile sim TrackMania 2 Canyon saw the light of the day.

Is TrackMania worth playing?

You can either play by yourself and enjoy the drive, or collect medals and assess your skills with regional and international rankings. Captured from players in the Epic Games ecosystem. “Trackmania is a nice addition to the series, one that looks and sounds great and, even when it's incredibly frustrating, it's fun.

Is there a remake of TrackMania Nations?

Trackmania, the racing franchise from Ubisoft Nadeo, is back with the most compelling remake of Trackmania Nations. JOIN THE CLUB ACCESS Upgrade your access for a club access year pass to experience a full social experience by creating your own club and activities.

What are the downsides of TrackMania?

The downside is the new monetisation system, a subscription service that looks like it could segregate the community. The game is very extensive and if the audience picks it up, it could be great for the same reason the other Trackmania games were: user-created content using an outstanding track creator and editor.”

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