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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TrackMania2 Canyon?

TrackMania² Canyon will give players an adrenaline-filled experience, even better than the original TrackMania game played by millions. TrackMania² goes far beyond traditional driving games with a fully customizable world of tracks generated by players themselves!

How is TrackMania 2 different from other racing games?

As for the other racing games, tracks in TrackMania 2 are made by players themselves. It's achieved by embedded creation tools that enable road fragments, gaps, track loops, sheer walls, and other stunts to challenge even seasoned racers.

What makes TrackMania so popular?

A VERY SOLID INFRASTRUCTURE, robust dedicated servers which enable more than 200,000 players to play daily. Thanks to this, TrackMania is still the most played online racing game worldwide as well as at E-Sports level. Graphics: Video card must be 512 MB or more and should be a DirectX 10 - compatible or DirectX 11 - compatible

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