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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track a UPS package by tracking number?

1. Go to the UPS website. 2. Click the "Quick Start" tab. 3. Enter your tracking number in the box under "Track," then click the arrow icon. Alternatively, you can search for your package using a reference number by clicking "Track by Reference Number" on the Tracking page. 4. Check the status of your package.

What is the process for tracking a UPS package?

To track any UPS shipment or mail you can use the Package ID, Tracking number, or Delivery Confirmation Number. Final mile tracking with delivery confirmation is available if selected on applicable packages. You can track your UPS Shipping parcel delivery by entering your UPS booking reference below.

What do UPS tracking numbers look like?

What does UPS tracking number look like? Tracking number is consists of letters and numbers between 15 and 40 digit long shown on your UPS receipt, tracking number is ussualy close to the barcode. How does UPS tracking number work?

What is a UPS delivery confirmation number?

The Postal Service Delivery Confirmation number–also known as the Package Identification Code (PIC)–is the number contained in the United States Postal Service® (USPS) barcode at the bottom of UPS Mail Innovations® and UPS SurePost® labels.

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